Nathalie Hambro’s jewellery uses industrial materials such as steel and stainless steel which reference to her sculptures and limited edition handbags. Gemstones are chosen for their colours, not their value.


Each piece is unique with, as its starting point, an antique gemstone, from there evolves the form. The pieces are oversized and dramatic.  Usually a black oxidised finish contrasts with raised yellow gold detailing and multi-coloured cabochon stones.   

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The fine mesh has a tactile and sensuous quality with a fluidity that follows the shape of the body. Each piece is adorned with multi-coloured gemstones of various shapes and sizes giving them a shimmering tasselled effect.  

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A theme inspired by Victorian sentimental jewellery, contemporarily interpreted with  bold messages written in a fluid hand-writing – Hambro’s own – (‘mon coeur avez’, ‘2U-U2’, ‘be true’). These pieces are produced in limited edition made in 2 versions, either shiny silver with oxidised silver, or 18-carat gold.

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