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Not Vital

Ben Brown Fine Arts

12 Brook’s Mews, W1K 4DG

+44 (0)20 7734 8888

until August 28


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The exhibitions is centred around eleven sculptures, these are based on a selection of famous artists, writers, an architect, a musician, from Borromini to Sid Vicious. The connection between these historical people is suicide and the ongoing public admiration for their creative work.

Each “portrait” consists of two simple rectangular silver blocks placed on the top of each other. The shimmering silver sculptures were fabricated by silversmiths in Agadez, Niger, where Vital lives for part of the year in a mud house.


Watanabe Kazan

The dimensions and shape of each “portrait” accord with the date of each individual death, while the base is defined by the year of the death, the upper block relates to the month and day.

These, on first view “memorial-like” sculptures, are more representative of the individual death than the individual themselves. Each sculpture is given a singular concrete shape by the date of death.


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