I was asked to be artist in residence at the Willums Art Foundation in France. I arrived there with only the outline of a concept in mind, bringing several cameras and videos recorders, all technically basic, no sophisticated devises whatsoever.

As I am an obsessive walker, I opted for a peripatetic journey with the residency premises as a starting point. Daily walks were mostly off-piste, exploring a hilly and mountainous landscape, (Montagne Ste Victoire and Mont Aurelien in the distance flanked either side of the valley where the residency stands). When on flatter grounds, I would tread on either sticky bauxite soil across miles of vineyards, or pale sandy ground. Often the first part of my daily excursions took me along the desolated canal du Midi, which is punctuated across by an iron bridge every kilometre.

As a system to structure my walks, I decided to follow Fibonacci’s mathematic formula whereby, starting with “0”, (the house). The sequence carries on with “1”, then continues with each succeeding number the sum of the two numbers immediately preceding, (1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, ad infinitum). Taking into account the distance I would walk, I translated the numbers into kilometres. Every morning I would place my compass on a local map and plan my chosen distance for that day. For the longest distances, (the last four ones of my thirteen destinations), I would take trains, buses or hitch-hike in order to complete the distance.

The project resulted in a series of short videos works, each one a minute long or so, and collages of images of significant but often overlooked markings, coding, signals, abstract renderings of water and clouds, shadows and reflexions. Other interest were found objects such as steel’s swarf, spent cartridges, etc.. which I carried back to record on film, (my photos were a mix of digital and analog).

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