‘Nathalie Hambro felt it was time to revive the olds-fashion lunch-box, the western answer, if you like, to the tiffin box. Instead of wasteful cling-film and polystyrene unattractive cluttering up the desk, she thinks it would be more elegant to use a sleek container which could be used time and time again with pleasure. She therefore designed this understated box, made from silver-glow finished steel. It would be perfect for conveying a bruschetta or grilled zucchini to your office desk. Not that it is only a lunch-box. She, for instance uses it to convey all her daily needs (you and me would call it a hand-bag but Nathalie is not fond of the term.) It is stocked at Harvey Nichols, Harrods, Liberty and David Mellor in London, and Takashimaya in New York.’

(Financial Times, How to Spend It, 26 February1994,  Lucia van der Post)

The Lunchbox was initially designed to contain Hambro’s recipe book LUNCHBOX, a limited edition, hand-bound cookery book, but the story went otherwise as the box become an instant success and about 20.000 were sold. It became such an iconic object that the eponymous tv programme: The Big Breakfast, featured it animated at all commercial breaks for a year and half.

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Particular Delights
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