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Artist’s Book, Limited Edition of 50, each numbered and signed, each set initialed and numbered. (2014)

Up and Down in the Art World is a limited-edition artist’s book presenting a compelling visual collection of stairs pertaining to art-world locations I photographed for a project that lasted several years and in different locations worldwide. The photographic style doesn’t adopt a uniform, formal architectural approach, as it is triggered by my personal artistic vision, using randomly different cameras and processes, capturing a particular view and mood for each image. The photos are taken from arts institutions, galleries, auctions houses, artwork exhibitions, patrons and artists studios. Materials for the stairs are diverse and broad such as glass, stone, concrete, wood, steel, aluminium, linoleum, marble, terrazzo, mosaic, cast iron, ceramic, fabric and brick. The title is a metaphor about the art world, and the book points out how often we overlook our surrounding.

St Paul Cathedral, the dean staircase, Ludgate Hill
Not Vital, The House to View the Sunset, 2005, Former Albion Gallery, Battersea
Matthew Marks Gallery, Chelsea, NY
Photographer Felix Friedmann’s studio, Hackney
S/2 (Sothebys), Mayfair
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